It’s time that moderate Democrats feel represented in congress. We care about the environment, fiscal responsibility, the economy, good paying jobs, affordable childcare, affordable education, safer schools and affordable insurance. At the same time, however, many of us are ethnic minorities with a strong religious background. A part of our concern about equal rights for all is our concern about those who are unable to speak up for themselves – the homeless, the elderly, and yes, the unborn. We care about the lives of our fellow human beings from womb to grave.

That’s why I felt compelled to run for congress in District 8 of Maryland – the moderate Democrat has been disenfranchised. Marylanders are tired of being ignored in favor of lobbyist and fringe interest groups on both sides. We work hard and expect to be represented fairly. We deserve someone to represent us who shares our core values and views. That’s what I’m here to do! Roll up my sleeves on capitol hill and work hard – for you.