Summer Spring for Maryland's 8th Congressional District

About Summer Spring

As a parent and proud Maryland citizen, Summer Spring sees the need for proper stewardship of Maryland. She believes in policies that reflect the ideals of constituents in Montgomery, Carroll, and Frederick Counties and supports legislation that provides real and actionable solutions to our problems.

Summer Spring was tutoring college students in mathematics and English at a local college when she was 13. At 15, she received a full scholarship at an Ivy League, the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied engineering and took Wharton Business School and University of Pennsylvania Law School courses. Always intending to start her own business, today she is the owner and president of a management consulting firm which she founded more than a decade ago. Her firm specializes in helping organizations understand and solve challenges around business process automation, cybersecurity, and risk.

Last year, she became the proud mother of two beautiful girls and that’s when she had a watershed moment and felt compelled to run for Congress.

“Having had two little girls, I suddenly appreciate more than ever, how babies FEEL. I must make sure that unborn babies who can feel pain are protected! My opponent and incumbent Jamie Raskin voted against a bill that would protect Pain-Capable Unborn Children in the Pain-Capable Unborn Children Protection Act (HR 36) ( ) . This is horrendous and most district 8 residents feel that this is WRONG. Raskin was not representing our interests when he voted against that bill. Although I’m running as a centrist Democrat, my goal is to represent the people of district 8 completely – both Republicans and Democrats.  Even though we may be from two different parties, we share many of the same ideals.

We appreciate diversity; we are a diverse group of people.
Many of us are religious.
Many of us are minorities.
We are women and men who care about protecting the defenseless and pain-capable and who can’t stomach the idea of someone hurting a child just before it is born.
We are environmentally conscious. Whether or not all district 8 residents believe in climate change, everyone is against harming the environment.
We care about quality subsidized childcare for our young, good education for our youths, job opportunities for our workforce, and affordable healthcare for all of us.”

Regarding her race, which is indeterminable at first glance, she says:

I grew up identifying as African American, but race should never define a person. Now I often checked the “other” box. I’m Jewish Italian, Jamaican, and American Indian on my mom’s side and Asian Indian from New Delhi on my dad’s.

Summer Spring believes that Marylanders face hard spending choices with an ever increasing cost of childcare and higher- education. 20% of median income should not be spent on childcare. 1 Maryland’s youth and parents should be thinking about which track of education to embark on, not how they’re going to afford it.

Summer Spring was one of only a handful of women in her engineering graduating class. There are very few women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at most universities, and this is especially true for Ivy League schools like her alma mater. To encourage women to pursue careers in STEM, Summer has led workshops, training, and participated in mentoring other women in computer-science. She believes that from a preschool age, America needs a better support system that sustains public and youth engagement with STEM and prepares historically underrepresented groups for the future global workforce.

She supports comprehensive immigration reform by supporting greencards for DACA recipients, making improvements to the H1B Visa program to reflect 21st century realities, and is an advocate of immigration reform.

Summer Spring believes we need to enable growth immediately in public transportation and fossil fuels alternatives such as electric vehicles and solar energy. Public investment is vital to solve the most crucial issue of our time- Climate Change. The impacts of these investments are two-fold. Anyone who has ever had to make the commute from Maryland to DC also knows that investing in new public transit infrastructure will have a direct impact on day to day life in Maryland.

“Faster, more reliable transportation will drastically improve quality of life for commuters ( both students and workers), increase tourism and improve the economy in the rural parts of the 8th district, and attract businesses and jobs.”

She also is against the brutal abortion of pain-capable babies – something that her opponent and incumbent Jamie Raskin is not.  Jamie voted against an Act that would prevent abortions on pain-capable babies that had gestated for more than 20-weeks. Now that she has children of her own, Summer wants to make sure that it is never legal to painfully kill unborn children.

1 Median Income spent on Child Care in Carroll County 19.2%, Montgomery County 20.7%, and Frederick County 20.1% according to the “Child Care Demographics.” Maryland Family Network , Maryland Child Care Resource Network, 2015.